Lowe’s Paint Color Chart

There are so many kinds of paints that launched by different name of brand, but in Lowe’s you can find greatest paint colors and schemes. It offers you satisfaction in exploring your ideas to design your home, office or other favorite place of yours. You can put your personality in decorating your home to show the design is really suitable with your fondness. Color is the most important thing besides other elements that needed in decorating your home. It is really possible for you to combine thousands of colors, but one point you must remember is when you want to choose colors to decorate your home, you must choose the color base on your fondness.

There is best solution for you in solving your decorating problem, especially for the color of paints that you need to choose for your project. Now, Lowe’s paint color chart is offering you the perfect color for your decorating project. It will be your best solution especially when you stressed up enough by the colors.

Lowes Color Studio Lowe’s Paint Color Chart

Lowe’s Color Studio

Lowe’s paint color chart will help you to find the perfect color to make your project decorating looks more attractive than others. Whether it is for interior or exterior, Lowe’s paint color chart provides you with many choices of colors and schemes. You also can have more combinations of colors to be applied in your decorating project. Other benefit by using Lowe’s paint color chart is more inspirations you can get from it. You can get more ideas from wheel paint color chart to explore your inspiration.

Lowe’s Basic Color Terms

Wheel Color

lowes paint colors Lowe’s Paint Color Chart

lowes paint colors

Wheel paint color is identifying the color for families and show how can they relate

behr paint color chart Lowe’s Paint Color Chart

behr paint color chart

Primary Colors

Yellow, red and blue are including in the primary color, white as it exception. You can combine those three colors to produce or make other colors. Brown also can be made up by mixing those three colors with equal amounts.

Lowe’s also gives you tips in how to choose the right paint, here they are:

    1. 1.             To Create Secondary Colors
lowes paint color chart olympic Lowe’s Paint Color Chart

lowes paint color chart olympic

If you want to create secondary colors like violet (the combination of blue and red), green (the combination of yellow and blue) and also orange (the combination of yellow and red), you can mix up two primary colors in equal amounts, then you got them all.

  1. 2.             To Create Tertiary Colors

If you want to make a red-violet color, you can mix up larger amounts of one primary color with other primary color. Try to mix two parts of red with one part of blue and then you’ll get your red-violet color.

  1. 3.             Terms of Other Color

-          The basic color of a color is hue. Dark blue and light blue is the hue of blue for example.

-          The quality of reflective and the density of color are described for tone. When you are choosing a scheme’s color, tone is become the most important thing.

-          The amount of black or white in the color is described for value. The range of value from light to dark is on the scale of gray.

-          Boldness and pureness is referring for the color of saturation.

Have a nice try.

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